Honey helpful
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Honey - nevrozisa and insomnia medication

>> Honey contains glucose, fructose, invert sugar, proteins, enzymes, vitamins, mineral substances and various organic acids. A dark-colored mineral substances in honey, in particular iron and copper content is more than the color of pale honey.

>> Honey contains almost all the elements of nature. He calorie and health necessary for the product. In addition to proteins, honey contains polismzhavasa, which is necessary for the proper development of the adolescent.

>> In general, honey is good for raising immunity, anemia, neurosis, kidney, heart and gastrointestinal tract diseases. Almost all diseases are treated with honey. For example, the skin of the malaise, Endocrine ending.

>> Folk medicine honey is known as the best healer nevrozisa and nervous system. A long period of time, his passing atsrtobs Willpower, relieves the body, keeps him young and prolongs life. It is a wonderful calming and sleeping aid. Unlike chemical drugs, does not cause fatigue, attention and coordination disorders.

>> Excitation, headache, terrible, a decrease in efficiency in day 100-120 grams of honey. Insomnia, sleep half an hour before, in warm water to open up 20-30 grams of honey and so Enjoy.