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Honey all useful and unique features to preserve its right to choose in the first place, and storage are needed.

Honey should be natural and of high quality, because only in this case it is useful to health.

Honey is often artificially prepared, mixed with a variety of substances - sugar, starch, sugar, etc.

Sometimes beekeepers bees .We are dissolved in water, sugar, instead of the nectar that bees with honey will be processed and paid in the course of such honey arasasargebloa.

Such a course of low quality honey, and is far from natural honey distinctive qualities. Therefore, beekeepers in the private markets or buying honey attention is required.

So guess artificially made honey: honey gasriset drop between my fingers - a natural product sheizileba skin, and even improvised a burtulasa daigorgleba. Aplis quality defined only by means of a special laboratory.

Maybe dashakrdes honey, but this does not mean that it is of low quality and deteriorated over time, contrary, the sweet honey crystals appearance testifies to the existence of a small amount of water and other substances to exclude; Which means that honey is of high quality. Crystallization does not affect the useful properties of honey.

To make honey is not wasted, not contested, not adughdes, he must protect it from humidity. It is good to store or poplar tsatskhvisa made from barrels.

Targets are not weighted honey pouring very hot tea as often behave.

56 ° С- more heated honey loses its majority of the properties. It also partially collapsing the vitamins, anti-bacterial substances.

In addition, hot tea with honey leads an active sweating and cardiac arrhythmias, which is not good for people with diseases of the cardiovascular system.


BRIEF useful properties of natural honey


Honey helps to gastric juice, a normalization of acidity.

He lift reduced acidity and reduces elevated. The low acidity gastritis it is better to eat a meal to get a cup of cold water dissolved in a tablespoon of honey, and increased acidity, dissolved in the same way it is better to eat the honey in a half or two hours earlier.

Despite the high caloric content, honey promotes gakhdomas.tu get half a glass of water before eating at the one teaspoon of honey, rise in blood sugar levels, it would lead to a total loss of dakveitebas.saboloo, show moderation in food intake and enthusiasm will not begin.

Honey is an excellent resource in combating anemia.

But not all types of honey increases the level of hemoglobin. For this purpose, the best in the dark honey-colored species. They iron concentration was 5 times higher than light-colored honey.

Honey has a soothing and hypnotic action.

If a glass of warm water or milk and honey daatkbobt drink before going to bed, calm and tranquil dagedzinebat. Against insomnia and at the same time to prevent cooling. Honey, is considered to be the cause of tooth decay, but it is not so.

Remember that honey is not recommended for children under the age of two.

It can contain spores of the bacteria, which is not safe for children. Higher age children and adults of the digestive system, has the ability to neutralize the disease.